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Originally Posted by tnerual View Post
your trick is not working
i'm sure that clicking on llrnet don't give anything (1% processor usage)

the only way to start it is open a terminal then ./llrnet but i have the console windows ...

i want it to start automagically at startup and running in hidden mode ... (i'm the legal owner of the computer, but it's my mother's computer so she is ok for llrnet but only if she don't have anything anoying)
Hmm...drats. I was hoping it would work.

If you were using regular Ubuntu rather than Kubuntu, I would suggest you use the "Sessions" tool to define LLRnet as a startup program--but I think that's only a GNOME feature and as such you wouldn't have it in Kubuntu (or any other KDE distro, for that matter).

There's one other way, I think, which requires doing something with the init.d scripts that manage the startup of the system--I'll have to read up on it before I can post instructions here.
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