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EDIT: Disregard, I noticed the GUIremote option. That's what was causing the problem, and I'm leaving the rest of the post here in case anyone else has that problem.
Edit2: I just checked, and the download package has that line uncommented. Did I stupidly change that line and then forget about it, or did it come messed up originally, then get fixed later?

(Not sure if this is the right place)
Why is my LLRnet GUI not connecting? It just endlessly tries to connect, obviously getting nowhere.
LLRnet is running, and I can open a console to it just fine, but the GUI doesn't connect.
Here's my llr-client/guiconfig.txt files so you can see if a setting is wrong.
-- LLRNet - network part of LLR
-- (C) 2004-2005 Vincent Penne
-- (See file LICENSE that must be included with this software)
-- WARNING: comments start with two dashes 

-- server location
server = ""
port =   300

-- username
username = "Mini-Geek"

-- uncomment the following line to allow remote control of your client
-- see also options below to configure who can connect
--GUIremote = 1

-- if several clients are running on the same machine, give each of them
-- a different GUI port to listen to
GUIport = 6999

-- GUI clients connection configuration
-- by default, allow only local connections
GUImask  = ""
GUIallow = ""
-- example allowing any connection on a local network 192.168.1.*
--GUImask  = ""
--GUIallow = ""

-- GUI password, it is strongly recommended to change it 
-- if you don't restrict GUI clients to local connections
GUIpassword = "hi"

-- name of the file containing current job
workFile = "workfile.txt"

-- name of the file containing results to send to the server
tosendFile = "tosend.txt"

-- number of time to retry to send results before going for next WU.
-- set it to 0 for no retries, for user with no permanent connection
-- this is the suggested setting as it will save them precious 
-- minutes of useless retries (the program sleep for one minute
-- between two retries)
sendRetries = 0

-- uncomment line below to work only once
--once = 1

-- uncomment the line below for verbose output

-- to ask several WU job to the server at a time, set the variable below
-- to something greater than 1 (but no more than 100)
WUCacheSize = 2

-- Uncomment the two functions below to launch some script each
-- time you respectively find a prime, and submit a new result

--function OnPrime(t, k, n)
--   local script = ""
--   if WIN32 then
--      script = "onprime.bat"
--   end
--   execute(format("%s %d %d %d", script, t, k, n))

--function OnSubmit(t, k, n, result, residue)
--   -- notice : result is 0 for a prime, -2 for non prime, and -1 on error
--   local script = ""
--   if WIN32 then
--      script = "onsubmit.bat"
--   end
--   execute(format("%s %d %d %d %d %s", script, t, k, n, result, residue))

-- WIN32 specific settings

-- uncomment the line below to hide the tray icon on startup
--hideTrayIcon = 1

-- change this value to a unique name for each client you want to run
-- as service on the same machine
serviceName = "LLRnet"

--server = "localhost"
--port =   7000
--username = "zig"
I had tried it first with the GUImask/allow settings default, but it didn't work that way, which is why I tried to change it to be like that.
clientsDesc = {
I tried to add the GUI for the second core's setup. Neither worked.

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