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Hi there!

It´s pretty hard for me to explain. Perhaps I missplaced this question. I havent been to school for ages and I´m trying to solve this one in order to get som coordinates. I could explain the original problem:

The formula above is edited by a person trying to solve it. Perhaps your more helped by the one originally made?

pi (t-6)
P(t)= A sin +B

| P (t)

As before:

A = 0,56
B = 0,28
a = 4
b = 20

I have this facts:

N 57 43.Y00
E 012 54.X6Y

By solving above integral Y and X should appear.

The answer to the matter is a decimalnumber where Y is the numbers after the decimal "roughly". And X is half the number before the decimal.

Englisg is myc second languagae, I hope you understand a little more than before :)
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