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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
OK, thanks! And sorry, I didn't have time to study the code, I only checked that by-product DodecaProths are being written. BTW, do you have any rough idea after how many WUs can I expect the first DodecaProth? So far I did 15 WUs but found none.
If program find some dodecaproths then these will be saved only to results_ex.txt file.

We can find about 6728 dodecaproths while searching for hexadecaproth, but I don't know if this is a correct prediction, it isn't trivial to give an estimation for this. There are 3869775 WU it means that if my prediction is correct then we have to complete 3869775/6728=575 WU to find at least one dodecaproth!

Note that there are about f(76)=773157 dodecaproths for this n ( this is a correct estimation ), but this program won't find all of them!
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