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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
First impressions:
(1) When testing several WUs it will be good if they are processeed one after the other and after completing each WU a record is written to the results file. So, if I stop the process while running I have some WUs completed and in the worst case I lose work only on one (most recent) WU. Now, if one stops the process while running he has to redo the whole range.

(2) No big problem but some text is written to the "results_dodeca.txt" file, see lines 260-262. You can remove that one as far as I'm concerned.

Nothing found yet but so far I processed only 3 WUs.
For (2): OK I see, I'll remove that because in every case we are using 15 primes, it isn't very important to print this to a file. Sorry for this small error, when I've written this I simply rewritten dodeca program.

For (1): OK I can do it. When I've written this I haven't calculated the expected running time for 1 workunit. But it is easy to do this: see the program: there is a for cycle to do the workunits from start_workunit to end_workunit.
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