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So, when I'm running this particular program, running other Windows programs could cause problems to those other Windows apps, right? Does the fact that it's just a DC box make that less of a problem, since I could just reinstall everything? Also, if I turn the same computer into a multimedia hub, would the possible damage only happen to the Windows programs, or do I have to worry about other files, to?
The message would only apply to the Windows programs running on top of the wine layer. But the question of which files could be affected is obviously more complicated: what files could the programs potentially access? Have you limited that? As administrator of your system you are the best person to judge what risks you are taking because you know what you are running, what precautions you have taken, and the consequences of any data losses. For many purposes simply ensuring that you make frequent backups and can reinstall your software is sufficient.

Originally Posted by ColdFury View Post
Its a harmless diagnostic message.
Oh, then there's nothing to worry about.
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