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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
Here's the deal Gary...can I reserve all the files? Tomorrow I'll reserve another chunk of 4 files, then I'll wait 2 days to reserve the rest....

On this mini-drive, I'm giving no restriction other than what I stated above; that is "Feel free to take whatever files you can do in a resonable time frame". So sure, reserve them all if you want to. I personally am not all that found of such high-n searches. And based on Tcadigan's statements, he had also grown tired of the effort.

Back to drives #1 and #2...I've thought quite a while about this. I've decided to open them up. People can take as many files as they have cores to process them. See the "Edit: Feel free to take one file for each core that you have available to run the searches." statement that I just now put in each drive.

What I'll do in the future (like I've essentially done here) is somewhat limit things at the low ranges of n on drives and then as we get past n=400K base 2, I will open them up to the 'heavy hitters' such as yourself to process many files at a time. I think that will strike a good balance for everyone.

In the case of this mini-drive, of course you're welcome to reserve them all now. But if I had to give a choice, I feel that this one is a little lower priority than drives #1 and #2. I personally would like to see you knock out 5-6 files (or how many ever cores you have available) in Sierp base 16 but feel free to knock this one out first. With n=2K ranges on Sierp base 16, each file will take quite a bit longer than when we were at n<100K.

Thanks for throwing your 'mean machines' at our project! We are all about flexibility here.

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