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Originally Posted by tcadigan View Post
sieving what is left at this point definitely isn't worthwhile, I looked into that. what I meant by there was a larger one is:

jasong: "I'm sieving n=1 million to 5 million(base 4), which ultimately means all even values for base-2 from 2 to 10 million."

furthermore, jasong: "As soon as I get to 2000G, I'm probably going to be moving on to something else. It would be nice if someone could take over handing out the file."

(both gathered from the original base 4 thread)

I got that new dat file right after that, but now seem to have lost it.

as for the *current* file, i.e. the one that we have right now going up to 1 million (base 4) that has been sieved to 7.5T. iirc the program that I used to split up a dat file into the corresponding .npg files just puts a (mostly) bogus top line on them.

rest assured that when Jean's reservations and this one get to 1 mil it'll be an even playing field again and all of the candidates will be tested up to the 1 mil mark

OK, thanks. Sounds good.

In the mean time, n=885K-890K is complete; no primes.


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