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Originally Posted by tcadigan View Post
actually at one point there was a larger sieve file. jasong had started it, and had even emailed it to me at some point. but I seem to have lost it in both in my email and on my computer (from the hardware crash).

if I remember correctly it wasn't sieved very deeply yet but it had been at least started. sorry about that, back to square one once we reach the 1 mil mark

I'm not sure how to take 'larger'. Have all candidates been tested up to the range that we are starting at?

The P-value in the sieved file that you send is misleading. It only shows P=1G. I tried sieving for several hours starting at P=1G, 10G, 100G, and 1T and no factors were found. So I'm assuming that it was at least sieved past P=1T.

With the few candidates remaining, sieving would be a waste of time at this point. LLRing takes about 1.75-2.5 hours per candidate. It's unlikely that we'd get that kind of removal rate from just 900+ remaining candidates even if we found the correct point that it had been sieved to. It's faster just to test them out at this point.

Alas, we'll start anew at n=1M.

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