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Originally Posted by c10ck3r View Post
I have a quick question about a small part of the P-1 algorithm. I accept that it is not efficient to store 32EP, but have a question about calculating the E. So, I will use a specific example in order to see if I fully grasp the concept. Let B1=10000, and ignore B2. The E is calculated based on (this is the question, please confirm) (9973 primorial)*(97 primorial)*(19 primorial)*(7 primorial)*(5 primorial)*(3^3*2^8). Is there any way to simplify this in layman's terms, or is this about as simplified as it gets?
Thanks for the help!
You got it right, and there is no "shorter way to write that product down". When you compute it, however, taking the maximum power first would speed it up a little (like 2^13*3^8*...).
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