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Originally posted by GP2
Perhaps it's 20250707?
No, it was 21203177 exponent. 20250707 exponent is from my work machine, and I will transfer it to my new personal account first thing in the Monday.

I find that in prime.log file:

Unreserving exponent 21203177

I didn't manualy unreserve that exponent. It happens in the process of transfering exponents from old account to new account.

Anyway, I will try to add that exponent to my worktodo file. I already have four exponents in worktodo file. Can I have more than four exponents in worktodo file? What is the max number of exponents I can have in worktodo file?

I ask that because in the process of transfering exponents I add five exponents in my worktodo file, and when I manualy contact server I get message "Unreserving exponent 21203177". So I was thinking maybe it's because I put to many exponents in worktodo file.

Thanks for comments and help!
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