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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
How long does it take to sieve a T? On what CPU?
I have two data points:
TurionX2-1600, 600kp/sec using 32bit sieve.
Conroe-1950, 1500 kp/sec using 64bit sieve.
(per core for each)

I think that means the conroe does 1T/week/core, while the X2 takes 2.5 weeks/T/core.

I am happy to share the files for team LLRing once they are ready, if any of you potential sievers are interested. 13 and 11 are fairly low-weight, but 45 is very high-weight (higher than 15, I think). I want to LLR 99 on my own, and 31 is for Steven (as shown on k<300 page).

Also: if any of you are interested in testing a k from 1M to 4M, we can add it to this sieve and work together. You'd have to sieve it alone up to 20T to catch up to me, but adding another k to the sieve would not slow it down much.

Carlos-- I'll build an updated sr2data file and email it tomorrow.
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