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Stop sieving when the factor removal rate is equal to the time to run an LLR test on a median candidate in the range.

For a small range like 425-450, candidates take roughly the same time to LLR, so run LLR on a single candidate and sieve until removal rate is equal to that time.

It's very inefficient to sieve small ranges; 1.2T is certainly plenty for the 425-450 range.

Carlos, if you have spare sieving resources, I have months of sieving work to do using sr2sieve. I'm sieving 11,13,31,45,99,127 all from 1M to 4M (except 11, which is already LLRed to 1.5M). This sieve will need to run to roughly 80T before LLR should begin, and I'm at 20T. If you'd like to do a T or so as a public service, I'd love it.

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