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Added the 2 extra arguments that can be in the assignment: ",3,1"

1,2,96365519,-1: Number to test: 1 * 296365519 - 1
76: Trial factored to 276
0: Not sure about this one. (Maybe if P-1 has been done or not? or how many PRP tests has already been done on the exponent?)
3: PRP base 3. This is always 3 as standard for normal GIMPS candidates.
1: PRP type 1. This can vary between 1-5, but mostly 1 or 4 for older gpuowl tests. Prime95 and newer gpuowl versions and Mlucas? default to type 1 (and Prime95 uses type 5 for PRP-CF tests on exponents with known factor(s)).

Both PRP base and PRP type has to be the same for the PRPDC test as the original PRP test.

PRP type from undoc.txt, the "(default is 5)" is only for PRP-CF tests, the type number is 1 on normal PRP tests.

PRP supports 5 types of residues for compatibility with other PRP programs.  If
a is the PRP base and N is the number being tested, then the residue types are:
1 = 64-bit residue of a^(N-1), a traditional Fermat PRP test used by most other programs
2 = 64-bit residue of a^((N-1)/2)
3 = 64-bit residue of a^(N+1), only available if b=2
4 = 64-bit residue of a^((N+1)/2), only available if b=2
5 = 64-bit residue of a^(N*known_factors-1), same as type 1 if there are no known factors
To control which residue type is generated, use this setting in prime.txt:
    PRPResidueType=n        (default is 5)
The residue type can also be set for PRP tests in worktodo.txt entries making
this option somewhat obsolete.
And also for base >3, some versions of gpuowl, PRP res type 0.
Gpuowl supported PRP res type was 1 for some versions, 4 for others, 1 currently.

Worktodo formats for all common applications are described in

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