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Originally Posted by Runtime Error View Post
My question: is this working as intended?
Originally Posted by phillipsjk View Post
Sounds like a bug. This may be vulnerable to a replay attack, since you will have access to the full residues.
It works as intended.

You are ok, right now I assume no action will be taken as long as you don't continue to do that. Sometimes we need triple and quadruple checks for "suspect" results (and there are ways to identify such, behind of what you see on the web), and it should be normal that people who do TC/QC tests get their credits.

On the other hand, if somebody tries to "inflate his credits" by repeatedly doing tricks like that, he will be very fast spotted by the wolves lurking here around (I mean human wolves, not bots ) who have nothing to do all day but watching what other users do (this is said with no disrespect!).

In general, fast advancing in tops is immediately spotted by somebody, and the fast runner will be dissected not only with the scalpel, but mostly with a handsaw too, hehe. We are kind of a "tough community" here. In the good sense, of course. In the past, when such profiteers were found, George used to adjust their credits into the negatives, so whoever tried to take advantage of the system would have to work for some weeks to reach zero, and start fresh again. So, beware

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