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Ah, yes, latex puppets it was. Fits the images rattling around in my brain perfectly. Can't imagine why I was thinking claymation.

I remember skits featuring the then (late 1980's) Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson. In one of them, PM Margaret Thatcher was reciting a litany of declines in the value of the Pound. Lawson replied, "But you said you wanted to abolish the Pound." To which PM Thatcher retorted, "I want to abolish the Pound note, not the Pound Sterling!" Whereupon all the Ministers started chorusing, "Nigel made a balls-up! Nigel made a balls-up!"
Another famous Thatcher appearance was when she and her Cabinet were in a restaurant together. Maggie was asked what she would like to eat. I forget the exact answer but it was something like "roast beef". To the follow-up question, "what about the vegetables" she replied "they will have the same as me."
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