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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
The BBC just published a photo of Queen Elizabeth using a rotary dial phone
(turned away from the camera so that you cannot read the number).
Is pulse dialling still supported in the UK or have they just kept 1 old branch exchange
for the town of Windsor?
No, it is not. Some rich people still keep old fancy phones in their house. The IC to change from pulse dialing to tone dialing costs $0.20 (you can google "pulse to tone dial converter IC" or similar. But anyhow, you can easily try by knocking on the fork of the phone, try an easy number like 112 (here in Thai used to order pizza or so).

Edit: reading the rest of the thread, what the other people said about the close circuit could be also true. Most probably, the palace is not directly exposed to the open sky... (Asimov, "Caves of Steel").

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