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Originally Posted by KEP View Post
It is possible to do, but the problem really comes when a user finds a factor, then the user will get a lot of free credit. It is (at least to my knowledge) not possible to make a creditsolution in BOINC that takes into account if a workunit is complete after just 50% or less, because a factor is found.
OK. So, what might make sense is if the BOINC server hands out work units only taking a candidate up a single bit level at a time. When a worker finds a factor they get a bit of "free" credit. Not the end of the world.

Originally Posted by KEP View Post
It appears we have already 11 results complete and maybe as much as 60 users running GPU72
I see at this page 24 users have worked approximately 200 of 1,000 WUs. Once fully completed, appoximately 10 factors should have been found.
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