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Originally Posted by mrk74 View Post
My understanding is/was 100% was "maxed out"
Sure. 100% is maxed out. That's the point of applications like P95 - take advantage of all spare cycles that would otherwise have been wasted and do some useful computations.
Originally Posted by mrk74 View Post
and you wouldn't/couldn't use it for too much else if it was already at 100%.
Depends. If the application that is using 100% is a "high priority" task, then all the lower priority ones have to wait around. However, P95 registers itself as a low priority (the lowest priority, in fact), and so all normal applications can work without much issue. P95 will yield (or rather, the Operating System will make it yield) to everything else as needed.

Have you noticed any difficulty in running any other application or general usage of the system?
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