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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
The memory requirement is fixed by the siever size, not by the number of cores. If nobody else joins Sean and I, then we can consider running with A=31 rather than 32, which would reduce memory from ~18GB to ~9GB (same as C207 job from last summer, roughly). I want to wait on that a couple weeks, since these lowest Q values are most valuable to search with the bigger siever area; once we reach Q=10M it seems reasonable to allow folks to use A=31 and less memory. Yield will still be 3.5 or so with the smaller siever.
How close are we to 10M for Q? Is the plan still to go to A=31 for Q > 10M thereby lowering the memory requirements?

Guess it all hinges on Greg’s plans for this composite, i.e. when it starts sieving and Q range.
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