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Originally Posted by mrk74 View Post
I know Prime95 uses a lot of CPU but should it really be at 100% with no other browsers or anything else running? Is it ok to just let it go at 100%?
If you're running it on a laptop, the answer depends heavily on the design of the laptop's cooling system. This is generally not a great idea, but well-designed laptops can handle it just fine.

If a desktop has problems with the heat generated, it is likely time to clean the dust out of the case. Some really cheap desktops may lack enough air movement to sufficiently cool the CPU @100%; adding a case fan (one determines size by measuring the spot where a case fan spot lacks its fan) can resolve this airflow problem. An all-in-one (like those machines built in to a desktop monitor) may have neither the chance to add a fan nor enough cooling for the CPU @100%; one discovers this by experiencing occasional crashes while P95 runs, or by noticing substantial changes in responsiveness while running other tasks.

I've never seen web browsing slow due to using all hyperthreads for P95-type processes on a desktop, but I'm also not very picky about responsiveness. I run my CPUs at 100% for years on end, and wouldn't imagine doing it any other way.
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