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Default Generalized repunit (probable) prime search

This thread is for finding the smallest generalized repunit (probable) prime for a fixed base b, I have searched them for all bases 2<=b<=1024 and -1024<=b<=-2, see the text files. Of course, I know that there is no generalized repunit prime in base b for some bases because of the algebra factors, all such bases are either perfect powers or of the form -4k^4. Besides, I have completed these ranges:

Positive bases:

b<=400 to n=50000.
401<=b<=512 to n=30000.
513<=b<=1024 to n=10000.

Negative bases:

b>=-400 to n=50000.
-512<=b<=-401 to n=30000.
-1024<=b<=-513 to n=8000.

Also, I extended these searches for some smaller base b with no (probable) prime found, for positive bases, I completed b=185 to n=66337, b=269 to n=63659 and b=281 to n=63421, and for negative bases, I completed b=-97 to n=59863, b=-103 to n=59509 and b=-113 to n=59021, all have still no (probable) prime found.

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