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It would be interesting if it was not mentioned quite a few times already.

What is indeed interesting is that every time this is mentioned CRUS answers: "there is no problem! srsieve removes these, you just don't know it!" Well, either it doesn't or the hosted sieved files were done incorrectly.

Checking sieve-sierp-base252-500K-1M.txt ... yep, the n%3==0 are still there (243 of them).
Checking sieve-sierp-base328-900K-1M.txt ... yeah. The same.
Checking sieve-sierp-base875-600K-1M.txt ... 1025 useless candidates are still there.
...and so on.

P.S. Why would I "be angry" at the clear signs that someone is steadily learning something. It is almost always a good thing.
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