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Default I wish to work again on k=138847

Hi Joss,

Do you want to continue to reserve k = 138847 and work on it?
I wish to work again on this k for several reasons :

1) To carefully double-check for exponents <= 1283793, in order to prove that the two primes already found are the only ones in this range.

2) To continue sieving, and later, testing for very large exponents.
For now, I sieved this k from scratch, using sr1sieve_64-linux for exponents up to 400,000,000 and reached more than 26T. I think the progresses in hardware and software since April 2003 (when I found this prime, using NewPgen and the very first version of LLR!) are very impressive and allow some hope with this low weight k...

Thank you by advance for your response and best regards,
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