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Originally Posted by axn View Post
Perhaps that is better. At least you wouldn't have to worry this much.
I have recently restarted a couple of assignments with a higher FFT, though I did not have the "reproducible error" message. Part of my problem was that there were voltage stability problems, I think. I have worked on addressing these. I am trying the next higher FFT on the rationale that if the hardware is still causing errors, it will deliver a hard round off error, even with the higher FFT.

The above is a follow up to trying to balance my set voltage against Load Line Calibration so that it does not dip below a threshold voltage which I consider safe, but does not end up too high under load. This is somewhat complicated, because the load varies widely between idle, P95 running, and P95 plus two hungry GTX 500 series GPUs. I think I have it under control now after considerable testing with various combinations of GPUs and the different Torture Test modes.

I will have to complete a few more assignments (DC) to be really confident about the situation.

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