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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
It's likely oriental. I suspect Chinese but could be Japanese.
Yes, it is likely that it is one of these, of course the writing is extremely stylised if that were true.

If you look on it's side, you can see this radical on the second character: 立

So this character could possibly be: 彦 産

The first character is more tricky because the stylisation is heavy. I suspect that the left could be composed of this radical: 氵

There are many many characters containing the radical 氵, however, so finding the correct one could be difficult. I'll have another look into it soon, but for now I have somewhere that I have to go.

edit: this is in reference to the Top picture.

edit2: this is based on what I know of Japanese, some of the Chinese-origin characters can vary between Japanese and Chinese.

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