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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
So contributors who are reliable but very clearly low-throughput are also welcome?
I am in this category, being a low-throughput but (since 2007) consistent contributor to GIMPS. Currently I work solely on DCs and I steadily turn in about one every two months. I believe there must be many hundreds like me.
You would be most welcome. I guess the title of this thread should really have been "Call for reliable LL and DC workers..."

What we are trying to avoid is having these low candidates be assigned to Anonymous accounts which never turn in the results, and they languish for six months or so before being re-released and then re-assigned (possibly to another Anonymous account)...

But, any candidates which are not claimed by "reliable" workers are returned to PrimeNet, so some will be so assigned (unless, of course, we get enough LL/DC fire-power (hint, hint... )).
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