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Default Very interesting work!


First, Best wishes to you for an happy new year, and many congrats for
this work! Indeed, I am very interested in your attempts, although I have
presently neither hardware nor software to develop my code with CUDA...

However, I am now working on a new version of llrpi, which is no more
limited to IBDWT and small k's : it works with zero-padded FFT for k's
from 22 to 45 bits large, and generic modular reduction for larger k's.

Moreover, the portable "gwpnum" code is written as a library, like the
George Woltman's "gwnum" one.

It seems to work fine for k*2^n+1 and k*2^-1 numbers (and using generic
reduction for more general ones), so, I shall release the new source shortly.

Best Regards,
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