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Default Prime95 slowed down after I restarted computer

As I mentioned in another thread, I recently got access to a laptop with an i7-720QM processor. I installed Prime95 and configured it to do P-1 factoring on four worker windows, one for each physical core. I set the number of iterations between screen outputs to 500, with each output taking about 65 seconds.

However, it went up to about 115 seconds after I restarted the computer. At one point, it even slowed down to about ten minutes! Restarting the computer again seemed to solve the second problem, although the time between outputs is still about 115 seconds.

I am using Windows 7, and I never changed the priority of Prime95 (either through the task manager or Prime95 itself). Interestingly, the CPU usage was around 50% the whole time. Does anyone know what might be happening?

When I first ran Prime95, I let it use eight worker threads (one for each thread/logical core) by default. However, I later reduced it to four following Mini-Geek's suggestion. Could this have something to do with the slowdown?

edit: local.txt has the following line:

Should I change it?

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