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Unfortunately, that listed price of $1800 is only for the basic model. While they say it is SCSI, that means it supports SCSI. The listed price includes only a 40 GB IDE drive. I customized it to what we have been discussing (2 36GB SCSI drives, 1 GB RAM) and the price came out to $2848.

There are two reasons I would think it would be better to build ourselves. First of all, the retailers usually heavily mark-up the prices of the things we are hoping to get a lot of (RAM and HD). For example, Angular listed the price of a 160 GB SCSI hard drive for $160, but sells them (in their systems) for $399! It would also be easier to upgrade in the future (if we discover we need more RAM in the server to support the DB) if we built the server (especially if it wasn't in a 1U case).

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