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Originally Posted by Angular
George, are you concerned about HD speed given your DB background? Any concerns about the new server having roughly the same speed storage subsystem speed or lower?
I have a database programming background, not a database admin.

In either event, one would hope 1GB of RAM would keep the majority of data in RAM so that disk speed would not be critical. If disk speed becomes important we can always add more disks. Certainly, the server will log all transactions as well as maintain databases. Just putting the logs on one disk and the database on another would reduce our disk speed requirements.

While this is a great thread, do we have the cart before the horse? Don't we want to spec our needs, design the database, then write and test the server code on an ordinary machine first? Then we'll need to write test clients that pummel the server with requests and we'll see what its memory requirements are. By then its mid-2003 and our dual Athlon unit will be half the price.
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