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> 1) Rackmount case Can we settle on a 2U-4U rackmount box? Are there additional hosting charges for a 4U box? If so, please specify.

Most of the co-hosting places I've seen pricing for charge in part for case size - PER "u" unit. This is one reason 1u setups are getting common in recent years.

> 2) CPU There are two main options for the CPUs Dual Xeon or Dual Athlon MP [ or if cost is a concern Dual PIII, now up to 1.4GHz; but note that the PIII 1.4 ~ P4 2.4 cost].

Dual Xenon would be a LOT more expen$ive for little to no more performance. From the sounds of it, dual P-IIIs would be enough for quite a while - but the dual Athlon solution looks to have more "room to expand" inexpen$ively, and starts out fairly-close on cost.

> How do you plain to do IDE RAID 5?

If the OS used is LINUX, RAID5 can be implimented in software. Ditto RAID 0 or RAID 1.
I'm using software RAID 0 on my file server - no special hardware needed.

> Is RH Linux the OS of choice?

Not for me - I'm a LONGtime Slackware person - but whoever is actually running the thing should have the primary input.

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