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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
OK, reserving n=670K-700K for port GB4000.

Max, load 'er up when you get a chance.
Okay, all loaded up.

BTW, while I was on, I got the chance to finish setting up the No-IP clients that I'd plopped on all of your machines about a week or so ago. Now all 10 quads have No-IP clients running happily away, updating every 5 minutes. When your IP address changes, No-IP will definitely no about it as soon as it happens.

The only thing I didn't get to do yet is set them to automatically start at bootup. So, if you need to reboot any of the machines in the meantime, make sure you open up a terminal and run the following command (from your home directory, though of course that's the starting location when you open up a terminal window anyway):

./noip2 -c no-ip2.conf
It will run the client in the background, and immediately dump you back to the terminal prompt.

Note: I *think* that if a No-IP client is already running and you try to run that, then it will simply exit with an error. However, I'm not absolutely positive about this. I'll have to check into this more later.
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