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In the "Exponents Assigned" section of the report, a "*" symbol often shows up in 2nd collumn (as shown bellow)

38313227 * 69 3255999 24.7 15.1 71.1 13-Nov-07 21:21 06-Nov-07 02:18 PIV2400 2386 v19/v20

What does this asterisk symbol mean?
Just found the answer from the report entry page
"Lucas-Lehmer assignments usually start with an asterisk (*) to the right of the exponent, indicating Prime95 will try to factor the Mersenne number. If a factor is found, the exponent goes directly to the Cleared Exponents report. If no factor is found, the asterisk disappears, and the assignment remains on the list until the 64-bit Lucas-Lehmer residue is returned."

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