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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
You are so fast! Thanks for the new program.
I haven't written that program between 14 Jan 06 03:39 PM and 03:51 PM. ( See the times. ) I have started the writing some hours before, but still today, it wasn't very hard.
Originally Posted by Kosmaj
No problems, let's first see how many DodecaProths can we find. For some n's most likely we'll have to go all the way to k=1E17 or more. BTW, using your new program I confirmed those for n=49 and n=51 and now I'm trying n=56 (because we can trivially locate those for n=52-55 when the guys find all OctoProths). Up to k=1000T (1E15) nothing...
When you are checking this I hope you are using kmin=1 and kmax=-1+2^n
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