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Originally Posted by Christenson View Post
I asked the server for a TF assignment using the usual form, along the following lines, and, instead of getting an error message, got half a masthead....and a long, long delay. Time is now 23:32, GMT-4.

Is this a new server bug?

The rationale for the request is my standard calculation that with GPUs at 10x faster than CPUs, they should do about 3 additional bit levels; at 100x faster, they should do about 7 extra bit in my mind it makes sense to revisit some exponents that already have a single LL test against them.

The server seems to agree, that a non-matching LL-D of mine has been assigned to TF. How do I get the server to assign it, though?
I get nothing when I click on that link, even after a refresh (Wait - I just got half the page frozen on the screen). If I understand this right, you are asking for singly-LL'ed exponents between 40M and 60M to be handed to you as TF assignments, correct? Could it be that the server is perhaps set up to only hand out previously-LL'ed exponents as DCs?

What if you just asked for 20 DC candidates between 40M and 60M, and then did the extra bits of trial factoring "by hand", i.e. by inserting the appropriate "Factor=" lines in worktodo (or the analogous file in mfaktc)?

UPDATE! Weird...when I refreshed my assignments looks like PrimeNet has granted me a single LL assignment in the 47M range...and it's not even had a first LL!
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