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Originally Posted by lycorn View Post
2) The parameters referred by garo are to be placed in prime.txt, not local.txt
Originally Posted by odin View Post
Also I tried placing the parameters in prime.txt and they did not work.
File undoc.txt specifies, for each parameter, whether it is to be placed in prime.txt or local.txt (In v24, anyway)

It is hard for us to recall whether any particular parameter goes in prime or local. (There's a pattern, sort of, but ...) I recommend always checking undoc.txt and readme.txt to see what goes where.

Note that MaxHighMemWorkers and OnlyRunStage2WithMaxMemory are not supposed to be placed in the same file:

From undoc.txt:

"You can set MaxHighMemWorkers=n in local.txt"

From undoc.txt:

"In prime.txt set:

When I placed them in local.txt however (and of course removed it from prime.txt) one worker ran a stage 2 and the other worker moved on to another exponent to start a stage 1.
You might want to move OnlyRunStage2WithMaxMemory=1 back to prime.txt -- otherwise, you might be puzzled by the behavior sometime.

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