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Originally Posted by Sounder View Post
Hello at all,
a few days ago I started with my prime-calculations on one computer. After hours of reading in this forum I was thinking about the unused CPU-times of my other computers and now there are four assignt to my account. While configuring one of them I made a mistake: I received a work to do for a computer witch will never been finished. If I understood it right this work is now reserved for me, right?

You can check which exponents have been assigned to you from this page: Just enter your account name and password.

Is it possible "to give this work back to the server" so anyone else can receive it?
Yes. Choose "Unreserve Exponent" under the "Advanced" menu. The assignment will be returned to the server when you next communicate.

I cannot find an answer to that question in the forum. Also I'm not shure if it's the right place to ask my question.
As good a place as any.

I hope my English is not too bad
It's certainly better than my ability in whatever your native language is.
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