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No mystery. There was a time when (due to a bug into PrimeNet intestines, i.e. the part that checks the validity of the factors was having indigestion) you could not report "factor found" lines, but only "no factor found". The disease persisted until James/George gave it some medicine. Especially when the server was busy, because the "factor" lines are reported at the end, if the communication crashed on the way, only "no factor" lines were registered. The work which resulted in factors was still registered as not being done, and re-assigned to the next "lucky" guy like you

There are another 3 or 4 threads here around about these "lucky strikes" and about fixing the problem. The "unlucky" guys who could not report the factors (and did not realize) were in the group that was not using Misfit, because Misfit pops out red windows when he can't register a factor.

What you can do now, if you are curious, you can check the exponent status page, for the range around the exponents you got factors in a row, and see who was the unlucky guy who missed to report the factors.

There was a time when we used to hunt for these errors, like for example, look to "how deep factored" page, and if you see a 71 in the middle of 72's, then there was a mismatched report, and there is a high probability a factor is laying there, which could not be reported at some time in the past, by some unlucky cruncher. In this case, you could do the assignment by yourself and if (most probably) you find a factor, report it and be happy.

I always check if my factors went through, in spite of the fact that Misfit checks it too and pops out red windozes. Just a bit of paranoia...

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