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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
I think the long queue on 15e right now means this isn't a close call- we're still flying through these medium-sized jobs on e-small, while 15e is pretty backed up.

While the decision of where to send a job should remain fuzzy to try to keep any one queue from getting too long, I'd say that any job that sieves well at 134/134 lims with Q-range under 170M (say, 30-200M) is better on e-small than e from the viewpoint of keeping things moving.

One would expect in the medium term for the typical job to get tougher (since many projects work their way through smaller composites), so I doubt we'll get stricter on e-small as time goes on.
Sure, I was just trying to indicate that I'd leave it up to the queue master to decide where it should go.
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