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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
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Make sure that yafu.ini doesn't have lines containing "xover=" or "snfs_xover=" in it. Yafu will also try to verify that the computer/OS info matches between the current CPU and the tune info text. Based on what you posted they should match, so if it doesn't turn out to be a "xover=" line then I'm not sure what's going on.
I remember leaving those lines in several of my .ini files. These are probably those machines.

I have noticed the latest .ini version you've created. I haven't delved into the inner portions, but is there a reason that "threads" is commented (%) out, as well as being set to 1?

I've been using your msieve modification to cure segfaults on my GMP 6.2.0 machines. Thanks!

And, thanks for all else, as well.
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