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I'm seeing normal usage of tune info after testing just now:

fac: using pretesting plan: normal
fac: using tune info for qs/gnfs crossover
Make sure that yafu.ini doesn't have lines containing "xover=" or "snfs_xover=" in it. Yafu will also try to verify that the computer/OS info matches between the current CPU and the tune info text. Based on what you posted they should match, so if it doesn't turn out to be a "xover=" line then I'm not sure what's going on.

I see the same "error generating or reading NFS polynomials" messages during poly search, but it appears to generate polynomials and complete NFS factorizations just fine. I'll file that as low priority for now.

In related news, after the new SIQS updates tune() is now showing a crossover of 106.6 digits for LINUX64! (using a skylake-x.) One should take that number with a large grain of salt given all the assumptions tune() makes, but still, that's higher than I've ever seen it for 64-bit linux ggnfs.

I ran the same C100 through both routines and got 641 seconds for SIQS and 681 for NFS, so 106.6 digits is probably a little optimistic toward SIQS. I'll have to re-visit some of the assumptions tune() makes. (I may have shortened poly select time but not reflected that in tune()).
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