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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
Curtis, I've thrown a few more clients your way - should speed things up a little. Forgot to set the number of threads on one of them at first, so you'll get an expired WU at some point.
I am curious as to whether this does timeout. If I interrupt a run and restart it, the original WU is normally restarted, unless I've erased the files in the download directory. The unfinished results are removed, but the original WU is used. Your machines are probably much faster than mine, so unless you were quite a ways in, I would think it might catch up. That and Curtis mentioning he's unsure about timeout, has me wondering how it may be handled.

I've changed eFarm.78 to 4 threads to see what will happen with it. This one I do expect to timeout, if the server is set to 3600 for clients. But, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and find 4 threads better than 8.
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