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Strange- my clients are using 5.1G. I still don't have the right number of clients going, but it's 4 this time instead of 10 so I'll cope.

The overload (20 clients on I=16) overnight meant I didn't get to compare polys, and now Ed is helping one client so my plan to compare ETAs is out the window. Poly #2 is 5% worse than #1, safe bet it wasn't going to be faster anyway.

So, we're in production. A=30, 268/400M lim's, 33/64-95 large prime bounds. Basically, I copied the Kosta C198 setup file, but started Q at 20M since Charybdis' research on GNFS-178ish has shown that really low Q produces so many duplicates that it's not worth searching.

Workunits are Q=10k (EDIT: 5k, misremembered) each, and take something like 5 thread-hours (Ivy Bridge 2.6ghz). I don't think they time out after 3600sec, but I'll keep an eye out to see if that policy applies to remote clients but not to localhost clients.

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