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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
I have no idea what was going on. I submitted the results manually, with no problem. The next time P95 checked in, it submitted again, and they came back "Unneeded, another computer...etc" as expected. P95 successfully got a new assignment, then.
That's weird.

I looked in the server logs for any 403's thrown by the API site on that day and the only stuff I saw were the usual suspects (hackerz botz looking for weird urls and getting tossed). I didn't see any hits for that exponent on the 29th (but I did on the 30th when your client tried again).

You access the server a lot in a day.

There's something on the main website that blocks connections temporarily if they're hitting it too hard, but that's not the case on the API site. And even then, you'd get a 501 or 502 error, not a 403. Only time you'd get 403 is if you try to access a URL that isn't there or try to see a file list.

My best guess is the client was unable to reach the site for some reason? You're not using a proxy or anything, are you? Could the message have come from that?
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