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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
Wouldn't an IQ test be easier?

Would a low IQ indicate a liberal or a conservative? According to the first article Google gives, it's the Democrats that are more likely to listen to their feelings, while the Republicans are more likely to be cognizant of risk/reward-type thoughts.

Going by that alone, one would assume emotionalistic(it's a word, I know cuz I made it up) behavior would indicate a low IQ. And, yes, I'm totally trolling.

I have a friend who approaches problems the same way I do, but his core beliefs are way more leftist than mine. I get along with him because he approaches problems the same way. He disagrees in a way that's comprehensible to me, so he's way less likely to "bug the shit out of me" than most liberals.

Some people just come across as crazy to me, not because of their beliefs, but how they explain them. Lots of circular reasoning is the easiest way to set me off, plus logical contradictions.
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