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Default PRPnet 3.1.3 stress-test server

Hi all,

As I've previously mentioned on a few occasions, Gary and I had been planning for a while to run a stress test on PRPnet 3.1.3 with lots of cores and very small candidates to ensure that the latest PRPnet can handle high loads. I do expect it to cope well based on testing performed at PrimeGrid, though nonetheless the testing done here will be valuable as it will show us whether Gary's setup in particular can handle the load.

To this effect, I have set up a new PRPnet 3.1.3 server and loaded it with work from k=2000-2200, n=50K-250K--i.e., a doublecheck of the 12th Drive. The server info is as follows:

server =
port = 7465

Or, in terms of a server= line for use in prpclient.ini:

Note that in the above line I've set the batch size to 1. Normally this is NOT what you'd want to do for small tests like this, as for numbers this small the overhead actually adds up to a nonnegligable amount of wasted CPU power. It also puts a much higher load on the server than, say, a batch size of 20 would. But in this case, high load is what we're aiming for.

Gary, as soon as I can get a Linux client package ready for PRPnet 3.1.3, I can send you a preconfigured package to drop on all of your quads. 12 quads * 4 cores = 48 cores, plus whatever I and anyone else can throw on there, so we should be over the magic number of 50.

If anyone else wants to put a few cores on the server, go right ahead--the more load, the better. Visit our PRPnet thread for client download links and setup instructions. If the server can hold up for at least 6 hours or so with 50+ cores hammering away on it, then we can be quite confident in the server's capabilities for future rallies and the like.

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