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Originally posted by PrimeCruncher
My recommendation: head over to They have the cheapest prices for quality parts I have ever seen.
Thanks, that ¡s a new site for me. Their boxed CPUs have good prices and the free shipping is cool. I wonder how all of these sites offer free shipping... They list $164,$167, $214, $280, $397 for the 2.4-3.2 respectfully. Its funny how some sites seem to trade the best price for particular speed CPUs.

Also, what kind of work are you planning to do with these nodes? For LL testing you need the regular P4 but for TFing Prime95 doesn't need a lot of L2 cache so you can get the same performance while saving $100 or so.

LL Testing. You were thinking of the P4 Celeron? I wonder what the difference in performance is due to the 400/533/800 MHz bus.

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