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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Wow, I hope it really is that high. It'd be amazing to complete the entire 320K-333.2K range in 24 hours. Be sure to be ready to reserve more, in case it's higher than expected. If it looks like 320K-333.2K will be finished, are you going to reserve 260K-320K or >333.2K?
Should the primes found that are too small for the top 5000 list still be submitted to Prime Pages for any reason?
If we run out of 320K-333.2K work, we should go after the top-5000 primes! We went a day-or-2 here without one. This must not happen! Having the 320K-340K range complete will allow us to report and complete ranges at Michael Hartley's site and 260K-320K is lesser priority. Between Karsten and I and perhaps a few others, we can methodically get the 260K-320K range knocked out over the next 6-9 months.

The primes that are too small for top-5000 would not be accepted. There would be no reason to report them there. What we're filling in is Karsten's awesome page for 300<k<2000 at By the end of 2009, the goal is to have all of the ranges searched for 300<k<=1001 show on the site as n=600K. In order for him to show that, there can be no n-gaps in the ranges searched for any k-value.

Personally, with the way we're going, I think we can reach n=600K on all k's with no gaps by the end of 2008!!

Now, I ask all of you...Wouldn't it be something if we could have all 300<k<=1001 searched to n=600K before RPS has all k<300 searched to n=600K for over double the # of k's and a project start date that was 2-3 years later?! That is a very real possibility!

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