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Thank you. I had some wi-fi issues yesterday that interrupted the communication effort with my Mac-mini farm. In particular, one machine would not let me in over the network. In the past I have solved this by directly connecting (USB-C or crossover ethernet) an obstinate mini to my main computer but this time that did not work. As all of my minis are monitored via screen sharing, I ended up having to haul my living room TV to the mini (I did not want to do the reverse because I would have to unplug it and that would cease its current calculations). Bottom line: after I rebooted the mini's wi-fi I forgot to plug the ethernet cable back into my main machine (which hosts chesswanks).

Interval #18 has roughly twice as many terms (all of them larger) than did #17 (which took about six weeks to finish @ 30 cores). I'm currently idling (sieving and working on the largest-Leyland-prime hunt) those minis that are not engaged in doing intervals #23 and #24. That way when I do #18 I will use all of my minis for the task and (hopefully) keep the compute time down.
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